Harvey Rural Community

On January 1, 2023 the Village of Harvey joined with the LSDs of Prince William and Manners Sutton, and portions of Kingsclear and Dumfries to become Harvey Rural Community.  Please go to the new website at for more information.

In 1837, the Stanley Land Company started giving out ads in Scotland encouraging young men and their families to move to their land. In May, 1837 about 160 people from the Wooler area set sail across the Atlantic on the ship, “Cornelius of Sunderland” to Saint John. They arrived in June of 1837 and 26 families headed to Fredericton by a steamboat called the “Water Witch”. Upon their arrival to Fredericton they were told the Stanley Land Company ran out of funds and were no longer continuing the work. The families went to the Lieutenant Governor, Sir. John Harvey and asked to purchase land outside of Stanley. The Lieutenant Governor said they could go work on the road to St. Andrews and draw lots upon it. In return the community would be named after Sir. John Harvey.

Steamboat 'Water Witch'

The living conditions were extremely difficult the next few years. There were no roads for wagons; men had to carry everything on their backs. Diseases such as diphtheria and typhus took the lives of several people.

In 1869, the section of railroad between Fredericton and Saint John was completed and ran straight through Harvey. This brought a sudden change in economy. Hotels were being constructed to house all of the travelers and stores were being built as well. The Harvey Railway passenger station was also built in 1869 and in 1909 there was an extension built. Over the years the railway slowly died down and in 1962 the railway station was to be demolished.

On November 9, 1966 Harvey was legally incorporated as a Village by the Minster of Municipal Affairs.

Click here to read more about the 1837 Settlement of Harvey. This information was provided by Daniel Craig.

Early Settlers

  • Brockway
  • Cleghorn
  • Coburn
  • Craig
  • Little
  • Messer
  • Smith
  • Swan
  • Patterson
  • Piercy

More History

  • Brockway settlement established in 1818, named for Rheuben Brockway, first settler. Magundy settled in 1822.
  • Magaguadavic settled in 1831.
  • St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, Newmarket built in 1833 on land donated by Patrick McDermott.
  • The Harvey Creamery built in 1934, closed around 1969.
  • Harvey Parish established in 1838.
  • Wilmot, named after Lemuel Allan Wilmot who helped the settlers in 1838 and was commissioner of lands in the Harvey and Cork areas.
  • New Market settled in 1839.
  • First Presbyterian Church formed in Harvey in 1840.
  • Acton settled 1842, named for John Emerick Edward Dalbert, baron of Acton.
  • Tweedside settled in 1850. Before this it had been named Ensor Settlement.
  • Lake George United Church land bought from Alexander Lawson in 1854 for 5 shillings.
  • Manners Sutton established in 1855, named after Lieut. Gov. Manners Sutton.
  • The Briggs and Little Woolen Mill, York Mills started in 1857 by George Lister.
  • Presbyterian Church Acton dedicated in 1868.
  • All Saints Anglican Church, Magaguadavic built in 1869.
  • The Roman Catholic Church, Cork built in 1861, blown down in 1869 by Saxby.
  • W.W.E Smith Country Store started in 1869.
  • Lake George Mining company formed in 1876.
  • St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church, Lake George built in 1878.
  • Brockway Union Church dedicated 1890.
  • Watson’s store opened in 1892, known then as Farmers Trading Co.
  • St. James Church built in Harvey in 1893, sold to United Baptist Church in 1983.
  • Thomaston Corner named after Richard Thomas.
  • Magaguadavic is an Indian word, Magcecaatavik, meaning river of big eels.
  • First school in Harvey area started where George Pollock now lives.
  • Don Messer born May 9th, 1909 - Died March 29th, 1973.
  • The first registered Jersey cow brought to Harvey by Robert Byers in 1911.
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church began in 1911, church built 1951.
  • Royal Bank opened June 26th, 1919, manger was Russell Cruickshank.
  • Junior High school built in 1960.
  • Harvey Recreation Centre built in 1972.
  • United Pentecostal Church built in 1952, second church built in 1976.
  • The Baptist Church formed in Harvey in 1979.
  • The Brethren Assembly, Thomaston Corner built in 1930.
  • The first telephone came to Harvey on October 30th, 1934.
  • Electricity came to Harvey in 1936.
  • The Fire Department formed in 1944.
  • Masonic Lodge was formed in 1948.
  • Curling started in 1961.
  • Swan's Nursing Home opened in 1964 by Herb and Allene Swan.
  • Golden Age Senior Citizen club formed in 1965.
  • Hospital opened in 1948, the new hospital opened in 1965.
  • Lions Club formed 1968.