Garbage Collection

Harvey Rural Community

On January 1, 2023 the Village of Harvey joined with the LSDs of Prince William and Manners Sutton, and portions of Kingsclear and Dumfries to become Harvey Rural Community.  Please go to the new website at for more information.

Garbage and Recycling Collection in the Harvey area

Recycling pick-ups are on a schedule of every 4th week with regular garbage picked up on the other 3 weeks. There is no garbage pick-up on recycling week.  Have your garbage or recycling out by 8:30am on the morning of collection.  Please put your garbage bags in a can or under a tarp to keep out the birds and animals.  There is a weight limit of 40 pounds per bag and a maximum of five bags per pick up.
Accepted Recyclables:
·Paper/Cardboard – flatten boxes and cut large boxes into 3’ pieces. Shredded paper should be put into a paper bag.  Loose cardboard will not be collected. Tie it up with string or put in a paper bag like a leaf bag.  Do not put your cardboard or paper in a plastic bag.
·Metal food cans - rinsed and dried  
·Milk cartons - rinsed and dried
#1 Plastic (PETE) containers  
#2 Plastic (HDPE) containers
#4 Plastic (LDPE) containers
#5 Plastic (PP) containers
#7 Plastic (OTHER) containers
Materials NOT Accepted:
·Expanded Foam (Styrofoam)
·Plastic Bags or any plastic films

If you get a red OOPS! Tag on your recycle cart, it means that you have some items in it that are NOT accepted.

NOTE: The blue recycle carts are the property of the Regional Service Commission and belong with the house.  They are not the property of the owner and must be left with the house when moving. 

For more information call the Recycling Hotline 1-833-BLUE CRT (1-833-258-3278), email or go to

The White Goods Program runs April 1st to October 31st and your old Fridges, Stoves, Dishwashers, Freezers, Washers and Dryers can all be recycled for Free!  Call 1 800 561 5615 to request a pick-up of your appliance curbside.  SNBSC staff will collect your appliance for FREE.

You can take excess garbage to the Hemlock Knoll Landfill yourself.  The fees are:

  • Regular household Waste: $92.00 / metric tonne
  • Construction / Demolition Material: $37.00 / metric tonne
  • Household Hazardous Waste (non-commercial): No Charge