Updating Local Business Contact Information!

Our Village website's Business Directory is currently being updated! If you are in control of a business or service and you would like to have it advertised for free on the Harvey Village website, or if you wish for your business to be removed from the directory, you can contact James by email at james_voh@rogers.com or call the village office at 366-6240.

Information needed, if applicable, will be:

     -Owner's name

     -Civic Address & Postal Code

     -Phone Number(s)


     -Website Address

We can also upload an image to your piece in the directory to represent your business/service if you request it and supply the image, which could be a logo or a picture of the building, or whatever else you may prefer. Please send the image through email to james_voh@rogers.com or bringing it to the village office so we can scan it.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017