Starting January 20, 2023, local 10-digit dialing will be introduced in New Brunswick. Residents will need to dial 10 digits – the area code followed by the seven-digit phone number – for all local calls. The introduction of 10-digit dialing is the result of a decision by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and will pave the way for the addition of a new area code, 428, in April 2023, as the 506 area code reaches capacity.

How to prepare for 10-digit dialing

Municipality Week September 19-25

This week is NB Municipality Week! Did you know that the Village of Harvey has four elected representatives and three staff working to make this community a great place to live?

Mayor - Winston Gamblin
Deputy Mayor - Richard Corey
Councillors - Dave MacMullin and Adrian Davis

Clerk - Katherine Henry
Manager - Tom MacDonald
Works Support - Greg Rowan

Rural Transportation Study

Village of Harvey Rural Transportation Study

The Village of Harvey, in conjunction with Dillon Consulting, is working to better understand the current and future transportation needs of the Village of Harvey and surrounding communities.  Together, we’re looking at the role that public transit, ridesharing, or other modes of transportation might have in meeting resident needs.

The findings of this study may be used to apply for Provincial or Federal grants to introduce a new service, or to expand a service which is already working well.

Sewer Bills

Sewer bills for July to December have been sent out by mail or email.  If you get your bill by email and you haven't received it, please check your junk mail folder in case it was put in there.  If you have not received your bill, please contact the Village office at  If you would like to receive your bill by email, please contact the Village office.  Bills sent by email can be paid with a credit card.  Payment is due by the end of July.

Power Outage on July 13th

NB Power has advised us that there will be a planned power outage on July 13th from 8:00pm until 2:00am to attach power to two new poles.  This will affect households in the following communities: Hanwell, Harvey Station, Harvey York Co, Lake George, Rooth, Smithfield, Tracy, Upper Tracy, Yoho.

If you want to check if you are included in the outage, you can put in your phone number or NB Power account number at