Feb 10, 2022 Update

(LSD Manner SUTTON, LSD Prince William LSD Kingsclear 15%, Dumfries 5%, Village of Harvey)

MOVING FORWARD Creating our new municipality

 “Transition Plan & Milestones “

■Create Advisory Committees February 03

     Advisory Committee Members
     LSD of Prince William -   Peter Morrison and David Stairs
     LSD of Manner Sutton - Shawn Little and Pat Carlson
     Village of Harvey -          Winston Gamblin and Richard Corey
     LSD of Kingsclear -        TBD

■ Review maps for errors and omissions February 03
■ Design Mayor and Council structure February 11
■ Final boundary for first election March 04
■ Name and Type of municipality July 31
■ Operations and Staffing plan August 31
■ Prepare budget for 2023
■ Bylaws
■Elections November 28

The first Advisory Committee Meeting
1. Roll call
2.Updates on local government reform
3.Discuss council composition
4.Discuss possible AC members for Dumfries and Kingsclear
5.General questions?
6.Future meeting dates


The Advisory Committee received updates on local government reform from the facilitator, none of which will impact the outcomes of our process. The main topic of discussion was Council composition.  Council composition is based on the number of wards and the number of councillors at large. A number of options were discussed and reviewed. The factors for consideration were proportional representation, areas with common concerns, and the function of council with different combinations. It was the decision of the Advisory Committee to move forward with a recommendation of 4 wards and one councillor and the mayor elected at large, for a council of five plus the mayor.

The attached map represents one scenario for the distribution of the 4 wards. The final boundaries however will be discussed by the Advisory committee on February 22. The facilitator expects to be able to present the voter data by ward at that time. The data will allow the committee to make any required changes to insure appropriate ward boundaries.

NEXT STEPS: Name and Type of municipality July 31

The next meeting will be held February 22. The agenda for that meeting will be posted as soon as it is available.

The most significant next step will be to determine a name for our new Community. The process for accomplishing that milestone will be the next major challenge of the Advisory Committee.

In the coming weeks the advisory will develop and communicate the process that will be used. It is safe to assume that there will be a public input component to that process.

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Thursday, February 10, 2022